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  • Top of Holland 2019

    According to tradition, we again participated in the Top of Holland (ToH) this year. The Top of Holland is an event that searches for the rarest...
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  • Ring Ouzels over the Kamperhoek

    We had not experienced much of the bird migration this spring. We left for New Zealand on February 21 and we were back on April 15. After a jet lag...
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  • Looking back at 2018

    2018, a year that has flown by. It indeed seems that as you get older the days, weeks and months go faster. So on 1 January we were in the...
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  • Looking back at 2017

    Looking back on 2017, the year seems to have flown by, but when I try to pick up memories from January it seems a long time back. If you watch...
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  • Looking back at 2016

    2016 has been a year where I can look back with pleasure. It started with the traditional New Year's Big Day which as always took place in the...
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  • Looking back at 2015

    2015 this time did not begin as usual with a Big Day at the first of January. Because of the surgery I was still too weak and had a lot of pain. On...
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