Sunday was in the context of the month list. A list was drawn up together with Pieter: Smew, Goldeneye, Purple Sandpiper, Corn Crake, Long-tailed Duck and Shag. We decided to start in the Flevopolder with the Corn Crake which still counts for my year list. At 7 o'clock I picked up Pieter and Maartje at a carpool place in Huizen and we drove to Lelystad. Here a Corn Crake was heard immediately when we arrived. This was very easy and we drove to a spot for a Smew.

A day Limburg for the Melodious Warbler and a few year species was done last Saturday. At 7 o'clock in the morning Pieter and Maartje stood at my door. We had prepared a list of target species: Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Short-toed Treecreeper, Grey Wagtail, Wood Warbler, Red-backed Shrike, Black Kite, Common Rosefinch, Melodious Warbler, Firecrest and Eagle Owl.

An American Golden Plover is for some days present in the Putten near Schoorle. The bird is in a beautiful plumage and can be viewed and photographed at close range. An opportunity that I do not want to miss. Thursday evening after work I paid a visit to the Putten. Upon arrival, the bird is pretty close and with the sun in the back, the photo session is started.

It was a beautiful day and the Common Rosefinch that sat all week in Limburg is easy to approach. A great opportunity to try out the new camera. Around 9 o'clock I drove towards Montfort where the Common Rosefinch was reported.

During a fall my camera has suffered damage. The Canon Mark III was 5 years old and I wanted this year to purchase the new Canon DX. This was now a little earlier than planned. Through the internet I placed the order and then immediately picked it up in Urk. The Lesser Grey Shrike which was found yesterday was a beautiful try out chance.

The death of Mary, my wife, is still very fresh but I have to go on. My family from Scotland left Sunday and only now I realize how quiet it has become at home. Mary had insisted that I had to go on and thus was with Alwin, Pieter and Maartje a Big Day agreed in the Northern provinces. I picked up Alwin at 0:30 am in Heumen and at 1.30 am we picked up Pieter and Maartje at a gas station near Staphorst.

The predictions for the weekend were reasonable. Northeast wind on Saturday and east wind on Sunday. This, combined with the time of year (late April) can yield very good results on the Kamperhoek. Saturday morning I drove with Dirk eykemans at 5.15 am towards the Kamperhoek. First I had to scratch the ice of the windows of the car, hopefully the last night frost.

With a long weekend ahead and what reasonable predictions of wind I will spent most of the Easter weekend at the Kamperhoek. Saturday morning I get up at 5.45 am to a carpool place in Huizen where I pick up Pieter & Maartje. Half an hour later we arrive at the migration site where Ico already listed the first birds. The wind is due north and it feels very cold. The car is parked in a way so that we can shelter behind it. The telescopes are prepared and counting can begin.