Today two lifers on an ordinary day. Early in the morning the Arctic Warbler who cooperated well but did not want to get in the picture. Then I had to wait for an opportunity. A Whatsapp came along of a potential Long-legged Buzzard a few kilometres away. A little later, another message that it’s a real one!! I better have a look then.

After a short drive we find the Long-legged Buzzard on a pole. And indeed, a REAL one!! The bird remains a long time sitting on the pole but eventually flies of and begins to gain height. By car we drive in the direction of the bird and nice pictures are made.

After a while we go back to the place of the Arctic Warbler. There was also a Red-breasted Flycatcher which also fits the year list. I did not make it to the Flycatcher because the Arctic Warbler showed itself nicely and I managed to make a few good pictures.

The Long-legged Buzzard and Arctic Warbler are both new species for my Dutch list which has grown to 406 species!