A second attempt this year for the Eurasian Black Grouse followed by a visit to Flevoland.

With a well-filled yearlist it seemed the best option for a visit to Zeeuws Flanders. Here a Snow Goose and Corn Buntings were reported last week.

It is quiet in Birding Holland and the best option for today appeared in a Ferruginous Duck at Tegelen and then a search for a Short-eared Owl in Keent.

After some research on the internet it seemed the best option today for a tour for the Bufflehead and the House Crows. We could visit the LesserWhite-fronted Geese near Strijen and then head towards the province of Zeeland.

For today the Sallandse Heuvelrug was on the program. Goal were the Eurasian Black Grouse for the yearlist and because I missed them on the monthly list we have this beautiful combination.

A new yearlist and of course that includes a visit to Limburg. About 8 o’clock we met Alwin and Christian in a parking place at the A50 just passed Eindhoven.

January is the month to give the year list a good start. Almost every year there are rare birds left that we visit. This also goes for the White-throated Dipper who's been a while in the Waterleidingduinen. We can combine this with a round of North Holland.

Saturday, January 1st for the third time we held a Big Day. Once again, the destination was the province of Zeeland. 92 species were scored in 2009 and last year we had 103 species on the list.