2012 has past quickly but I can look back with pleasure. Again this year we began with our traditional Big Day on New Year's Day and the trend was immediately put. We were able to achieve a new record with 108 species. For 2012, the challenge was to score another 300 species and for the month we had to list every month at least 5 species. The holiday went this year, in February, to Namibia & Botswana.

January 1 and the annual Big Day is back on the agenda. Last week was a reconnaissance lap held in the target province of Zeeland, this yielded not much and the expectations were therefor not high. A close examination on the Internet provided a new starting location: The catchment at St. Jansteen. The tour group this year consisted of: Pieter & Maartje Doorn, Alwin Borhem and myself of course. Pieter & Maartje celebrated New year's eve in Uden and stayed overnight. With Alwin was agreed that he would be present at 6:30 am in Uden.

An overview of de daily short birdtrips

An overview of daily short bird trips in 2012

Saturday with beautiful weather I had other obligations, how different was the weather on Sunday. Around 7 o'clock in the morning I put my stuff in the car and it's raining. The temperature gives exactly 0 degrees, a dangerous combination for unexpected black ice. However, I have agreed with the family Doorn and I drive very carefully to Made where we agreed at half past seven. Until Den Bosch, the temperature is around freezing but later it’s up 3 degrees. Alert but relieved I drive further and arrive a little late at Made where they are already waiting for me.

The start of a new month invites again to work on the month list for December. On the Internet was delved into the possibilities and a list was compiled: Penduline Tit, Flamingo, Caspian Gull, Mediterranean Gull and Whimbrel. Pieter also had a list drawn up and we soon found out that the same round of 17 November was the best option. At half past seven we agreed at a parking lot at Made.

While having dinner with Pieter & Maartje options were discussed for Saturday. It's quiet in the Netherlands for birds and after going through the observations of last week it was chosen to start with the Penduline Tits in Vockestaert. From this place we would go in the direction of the province of Zeeland.

There should be a little sun today and I assumed that the Eastern Black Redstart is still present in Rolde. A new (sub) species for me and there were good photo opportunities. Also there are many groups of Waxwings in the north and a Long-billed Dowitcher who the night before had seen briefly in the Lauwersmeer. Sufficient grounds on Sunday to drive to the north.