A Red-breasted Flycatcher in January in the Netherlands, really special. The first ever of January which was obviously going to be visited. The bird also was photogenic thus reasons enough to drive towards Winterswijk where the bird sat. We also wanted to make an attempt for the Lesser Scaup that is present for a while now in Flevoland.

Together with Dirk Eijkemans and Harry Claasen we drove off at 9.30 am from Uden. After searching for the right location, we found the Red-breasted Flycatcher almost immediately and the bird was pretty close in the morning sun. He was not shy and sometimes sat on a few meters. Occasionally he let out a call and picked up a bug. A tough month species was on the list. After an hour and coffee we did an unsuccessfully attempt for the Eagle Owl in the usual place. They were installing a webcam for the new breeding season. We decided to rapidly drive to a Cattle Egret sitting near Elburg, it was fairly easy found.

The ride now went to the location of the Lesser Scaup, the bird was already reported but the photos revealed clearly that this was a hybrid one. The place was full with Tufted Ducks and Pochards. The telescopes were set up and it was Dirk who found a candidate after 5 minutes right in front of us not too far away. When the Duck had his head out of the feathers we did could clearly see the black tip of the beak and when he stretched his wings and we saw the white band we were totally convinced, the Lesser Scaup still counts for my monthly list. Satisfied we made a vain attempt to Bufflehead at the Vossemeer. We ended the day with 6 Long-eared Owls in Swifterband.