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21 April 2022
Kamperhoek with sunrise
Kamperhoek with sunrise

The weather forecast for the Easter weekend looked good. Wind from the east with reasonable temperatures every day. Normally this guarantees nice numbers and rarities. Monday and Tuesday before the Easter weekend there had already been significant migration so the expectations for high numbers of birds were somewhat tempered.

23 January 2022
Yellow-billed Loon | Gavia adamsii
Yellow-billed Loon | Gavia adamsii

Alwin Borhem suggested to do a Big Day this coming weekend. The weather forecast was good so why not.

31 December 2021
Lesser Spotted Eagle | Clanga pomarina | Hank | 2-10-2021
Lesser Spotted Eagle | Clanga pomarina | Hank | 2-10-2021

2021 started under the spell of the Corona virus and we were in a lockdown followed by a curfew that started on January 21 and lasted until April 28.

28 May 2021
Melodious Warbler | Hippolais polyglotta | Photo made in the Maashorst, The Netherlands | 28-05-2021
Melodious Warbler | Hippolais polyglotta

Just like last year, there is again a Melodious Warbler in the Maashorst. We actually had him expected earlier this year but the bad weather will probably be to blame.

Lesser Spotted Eagle | Clanga pomarina | Photo made near Hank, The Netherlands | 2-10-2021
Lesser Spotted Eagle | Clanga pomarina

Daily blog 2021

Our daily twitches and short visits are tracked in this blog. Of course the reports are provided with as many photos and possible sound recordings as possible. Enjoy reading!

Lesser Spotted Eagle in Brabant

Zaterdag was Saturday was Euro Birdwatch 2021. An event in which many migration sites in Europe participate. So we could not be missing from our migration site. The weather forecast was not the best but it would remain dry until late afternoon. The count started very quietly, but from 8 o'clock nice groups of Chaffinches and Meadow Pipits started to fly. There was plenty to count all morning and we even saw the first group of Common Buzzards this year.