4 January 2021

A new year and our intention is to start this off well in terms off birding. There are a number of nice varieties in the Netherlands and on this basis plans were made for the next three days.

31 December 2020

2020 has become an extremely bizarre year, mainly dominated by the Corona virus. Nevertheless, there was still plenty of birding to do in the Netherlands. Outside the Netherlands this year birding was almost impossible and our usual trips to faraway places had to be cancelled. So no expansion of the world list. Let's look back at what we did see in our own country.

31 December 2019

2019 is already over and it is time for an overview. It was an exceptionally good year for our Dutch list. We took it a bit easier with the annual list, but ended well over 300 species. The website has also been modernized and given a new look.

9 October 2019

Friday morning around half past eight we left for Texel for the fall event of Dutch Birding. This is an annual attempt to find rare birds with as many birdwatchers as possible. The best kind of the weekend is also rewarded with a beautiful binoculars.

Highlights 2021

Highlights 2020