Sunday morning the positions were taken at the Brobbelbies (our migration site). A southeast wind was predicted and yesterday it was a good day at most Dutch migration sites. At 7.00 o’clock I picked up Koen Rovers and then headed to Vorstenbosch to pick Teun van Kessel. Around 7.30 we arrived at the migration site.

Upon arrival it was dull and gray and there were not many birds. But we had just missed two Hen Harriers. After a quarter of an hour a large front of Starlings were heading at the migration site. The ends of this front could not be seen, and we estimate that it was about 4 km wide. We estimate that the front counted at least 7000 birds. At 9 o’clock it started to rain, not heavy but enough to get wet. The birds apparently did not care much and groups of Bramblings and Finches came over. A Grey Wagtail was noted due to his call and the bird was seen nicely. The Starlings continued to fly and we regularly counted groups of up to 700 birds.

Around 13.00 am a Citrine Wagtail was reported near Leiden. For Teun, Koen and Jan Verhoeven this was a new species. After some discussion we decided to give it a try. Alwin was also present and the five of us went to Leiden. Through the traffic information we heard that the A12 was closed because of an accident. Fortunately, we could adjust our route on time without losing much time. Along the way there were reports that the bird was still present and apparently was very tame. After a good hour drive we arrived at the destination and in the distance we saw a group standing with telescopes. It looked good and after a short walk we had the bird in the picture. The Citrine Wagtail was indeed very tame, and I could shoot from less than 3 meters away. The camera rattled at high speed and soon I had a couple of beautiful records. After half an hour the bird flew up and away. But he decided to turn around and came back the same place but now at some distance away.

We were satisfied and wanted to do a few Waxwings that were reported in Leiden. These birds were in the center and after explanation of a local birder we left. We parked the cars on the indicated spot and walked on to the designated spot. There were at least 25 Waxwings. Unfortunately there was no opportunity to take a picture. We stayed here at one hour until it was time to go home.