Photo made at the Kamperhoek
Photo made at the Kamperhoek

There is a period of easterly winds predicted combined with the first spring days of the year. The expectations are high. Thursday at 6.15 am the counting begins and there is a weak northeast wind.

White-tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) - Photo made at the Kamperhoek
White-tailed Eagle | Haliaeetus albicilla

East Wind so another try at the Kamperhoek. At 7.00 o'clock in the morning I start counting and the birds fly reasonable. A few lines of White-fronted Geese fly high and in the first hour 578 are counted.

Western Marsh Harrier (Circaetus cinerascens) - Photo made at the migration site De Kamperhoek
Western Marsh Harrier | Circaetus cinerascens

Last weekend I counted again on the Kamperhoek. On Saturday, the weather did not cooperate but on Sunday that was to some extent compensated. Saturday morning I drove at 5.45 o’clock away from Uden. Along the way it started to rain at the height of Utrecht and I had to rain around Almere.

Photo made at De Kamperhoek
Photo made at De Kamperhoek

After a successful start to the spring season at the Kamperhoek today expectations are high. At 7 o'clock I arrive at the migration site, along the way I was accompanied by dense fog.

Red Kite (Milvus milvus) - Photo made at De Kamperhoek
Red Kite | Milvus milvus

It's March and this is the first weekend that I'm counting migrating birds at the Kamperhoek. I am here the coming weekends till about May. At half past eight in the morning I arrive at the migration site and there is no one there.

American Herring Gull (Larus smithsonianus) - Photo made in the Harbour at Den Oever
American Herring Gull | Larus smithsonianus

In the morning I was called by Charles Martens, he reported that the American Herring Gull was again present in the port of Den Oever. A long journey but I decided to go anyway.

Little Gull (Hydrocoloeus minutus)
Little Gull | Hydrocoloeus minutus

Dutchbirding organized a Pelagic trip on Sunday, January 15th from Stellendam. Although the prospects were not favorable, we thought it worthwhile to go.

Twite (Carduelis flavirostris) - Photo made at the Oesterdam
Twite | Carduelis flavirostris

Saturday I did a go at the Gyrfalcon that is present for a while now in Zeeuws Flanders. The plan was to seek till noon and then cross over to the other islands.