In the morning I was called by Charles Martens, he reported that the American Herring Gull was again present in the port of Den Oever. A long journey but I decided to go anyway.

Dutchbirding organized a Pelagic trip on Sunday, January 15th from Stellendam. Although the prospects were not favourable, we thought it worthwhile to go.

Saturday I did a go at the Gyrfalcon that is present for a while now in Zeeuws Flanders. The plan was to seek till noon and then cross over to the other islands.

A new year and according to tradition we held a Big Day on New Year's Day. With a smaller team than in previous years, we opted again for the province of Zeeland. At 7.30 I agreed with Alwin to meet him in the village of Made from where we drove further in one car.

There is another year gone and I can look back on a successful year of birding. The Odyssey 2011 trip was certainly the highlight, but the Netherlands were also very interesting.

A Hume's Leaf Warbler was reported in Katwijk which I could not ignore. After that a visit is planned to the Hondsbossche Zeewering in the hope of the Iceland- and Glaucous Gull.

Last week the Short-eared Owls in Zeeland allowed themselves beautifully viewed and photographed. The weather forecast was good so early in the morning I drove alone to the coast.

Saturday was going to be a storm and rainy day. Migration sites at the sea had great sightings on Friday morning so it is a migration count at sea combined with a visit to the Brouwersdam.